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How Do I Scrap My Car?

If you have got an old car that you want to dispose of it quickly, you might wonder how to do that. Perhaps, after some observations, you discover that it is totally useless and a waste of cash if further repairs are necessary to be carried out! If that is the case, you might ask: how do I scrap my car? Well, that is not hard to do, especially if you know the right steps to follow. There are options available to you that you can use to scrap your car. Let us look at these options.

First, you have the option of dumping it at your local registered scrap yard if that is available. There are also some good and registered companies like Sell or Scrap My Car Today, out there that will not charge any money for their scrap car services that they offer. Yes, you will see others offering free scrap car service to remove and dispose your car quickly, but you need to be certain and confident on your choice of company.

Another option is to sell your old car rather than just giving it away to be scrapped without you making anything in return. That is how smart car owners are getting rid of their old cars these days and this is highly recommended for you too. There is a good number of scrap my car companies you can use. However, it is important that you use the right one that is registered and has good reputation like sellorscrapmycartoday that can give you good value for your car. Disposing your car should not be a problem if you choose the right company.

Get the Best Deal for Your Used Cars

One of the most important assets anyone can have is having a car. We need it every day to move about, carry goods, and do other things. Of course, just like every product, your car will gradually wear out. If you have got an old or used cars, there is no need to abandon it. You can sell it and get some money with which to help buy a new one. With so many people and even car dealers willing to buy a car, you may think that letting go of a car is very easy. However, there is actually a right way of selling your used cars without experiencing any problem along the way. All you need to do is to look around for the right used or prestige cars dealer who will offer you the right price, such as Sell or Scrap My Car Today.

There are many used cars dealers out there that you can sell your car to, but none can be compared with sellorscrapmycartoday in terms of reliability, professionalism and good deals. We buy any car including prestige cars and we will offer you good price. You can get paid instantly. Many owners of prestige cars and old cars worry about disposing their car whenever the need arises. But, with a reputable company, you can easily sell your car.

Disposing of a used car for a new one or replacing it with a prestige car for a newer version, so  you can make some money and it also helps you to enjoy the latest state-of-the-art cars.

Scrap Your Car

Scrap your car

Scrap your car with an M.O.T. failures and /or non-runners; as one mans trash is another mans treasure.

If you live in London, Essex or Herts then you need to check out our services, if you want to scrap your car. Say for instance you have a scrap car, van or 4×4, and you really do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with it. You can just give us a call  and we will not only remove it for free, tie up all of the loose ends, contact the DVLA and do all the paperwork for you, we will also pay you in cash if you so wish. That’s right, we will pay you! We handle all of the hassle, work, all of the details, all of the towing and fees, then we p y you! It is as simple as A, B, C. There is no tricks, no jokes and no hidden charges anywhere.

Scrap your car

Just go online to or call 07592 781234. We have excellent, polite and professional customer service representatives who can handle all of your questions, concerns and take your booking information. We get a service truck out to pick up your van, car, truck or 4×4 at your earliest convenience.

It does not matter if the vehicle is a a write off or a non-runner, if you’ve had a Ministry Of Transport (M.O.T.) failure, your vehicle is damaged or crushed., we will scrap your car. As long as we have the correct description of the current condition we will stand by our quoted price. There is no hassle. The service will be fast, efficient and professional. Removal does not take long, and you are paid on the spot by cash or we can transfer money to your bank account. Then you are done. No paperwork, no bills and no fuss.

Scrap your car

When you call on Sell or Scrap My Car Today you are doing business with a highly established and professional company. We are adding service areas constantly, so even if you live in outlying ares of London, Cambridge, Essex, Middlesex or Herts you should give us a call. We may be able to arrange a removal for you to scrap your car!

When you scrap your car. What we want from you is 100 per cent client satisfaction. We want you to do repeat business with us anytime you may need a vehicle disposal. If you know someone else who needs to have cars, 4×4’s or vans disposed and collected refer us to them. That is what we want from you. There are no catches, no hidden agendas and no strings attached.

Sell or Scrap Your Car Today is here to offer you stress free, exceptional, professional, fast removal and collection of your scrap vans, cars and 4×4’s. We handle it all. We ask nothing of you but some general information, and we take it from there. From beginning to end all you have to worry about is initiating the call and taking the money.


You do not have to worry about what scrapping the vehicle is going to do the the environment either. We are registered with the Environment Agency, so everything we take away or dispose of is done so in an extremely professional and eco-friendly manner. We have strict codes and policies in place to protect you and the world around you. We have thought of everything, so you don’t have to! Our representatives are standing by now to take your call. We are looking forward to doing business with you.


Scrap Car? Why You Should Sell it to US!

Scrap car? Why You Should Sell it to US even if it has been damaged  in an accident, it is a non-runner, has failed its MOT or is simply not worth repairing, you might be surprised to find that it is not completely worthless even though it’s ready for scrapping you should sell your scrap car to us! We pay between £100 & £2,000 for scrap cars depending on the type of car age and condition and we will remove it for you completely free of charge!

scrap car

You can find out how much your scrap car is worth by contacting Sell or Scrap Your Car Today and then complete the online form or just contact us directly on 07592781234. We will give you a decision within minutes, so you know your price it is also guaranteed; then our Scrap My Car team will come to collect and remove your scrap car, deal with all the paperwork then pay you CASH.

It is Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

scrap car

A scrap car is a problem car.

Why bother doing anything else when you could sell it to US from the comfort of your own home, when you live in Herts, Essex, London, Kent, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or Bedfordshire!

Selling a Car Privately

Selling a car can be complicated, it can be expensive and advertising privately is renowned for attracting time wasters.  What happens if the buyer damages the car on a test drive will they be insured? Will their payment method be secure? What if nobody turns up? What if I have to sell my car urgently?

The good news is by contacting SellorScrapmyCartoday there is now an easy and stress-free way in selling your car. We want your car and we buy any car, any make or condition.

Call our sales team or complete our online application form with the basic details about your vehicle. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a price and a no obligation offer to for your car. If you accept our offer, we’ll arrange FREE Collection at your convenience. Our service is 100% free to use. We do not charge to value or collect your car.

So don’t delay, call us today:   01279 798 440 / 07592 78 1234 / 07990 553 113 or and fill in our on line form.


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"At Sell or Scrap My Car Today we always carry out an on-site inspection of the vehicle before we confirm our offer price to buy your used vehicle. If we decide that it's value has been affected by any aspect of its condition or history, including any unusual feature or customisation that's been made to the vehicle, which we were not informed about we reserve the right to modify the valuation offered to you! Rest assured that any car or vehicle scrapped will be done with full environmental considerations. We are happy to collect your vehicle from Harlow, Chelmsford, London or Cambridge."

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