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Scrap Van? Why You Should Sell it to US Now!

Scrap van? Why You Should Sell it to US Now even if it has been damaged  in an accident, has failed its MOT, it is a non-runner or is simply not worth repairing, you could be pleasantly surprised to find that it is not completely useless even though it’s ready for scrap yard you should sell your old scrap van to us! We pay between £100 & £2,000 for scrap vans depending on the type of van, age and condition and we will remove it for you completely free of charge! 

You can find out how much your small scrap van is worth by contacting Sell or Scrap Your Car Today and then complete the online form or just contact us directly on 07592781234. We will give you a rapid decision, so you know your price it is also guaranteed; then our Scrap vehicle team will come to collect and remove your scrap van, deal with all the paperwork then pay you in CASH.

It is Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

scrap van

A scrap van is a problem vehicle.

Why bother doing anything else when you could sell it to US from the comfort of your own home, when you live in Kent, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Herts, Essex, London,  or Bedfordshire!

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"At Sell or Scrap My Car Today we always carry out an on-site inspection of the vehicle before we confirm our offer price to buy your used vehicle. If we decide that it's value has been affected by any aspect of its condition or history, including any unusual feature or customisation that's been made to the vehicle, which we were not informed about we reserve the right to modify the valuation offered to you! Rest assured that any car or vehicle scrapped will be done with full environmental considerations. We are happy to collect your vehicle from Harlow, Chelmsford, London or Cambridge."

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