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Scrap Car Disposal, the Environmentally Friendly Way Final!

The final stage of our Scrap Car Disposal, the Environmentally Friendly Way!

Just to re-cap we are at the stage where the vehicle is now a complete shell with just the engine, gearbox and suspension remaining leaving the fluids to be removed e.g.  fuel, coolant, oil’s, air conditioner gas, brake fluid and power steering fluid, they  will all be extracted by means of a special pump and then kept separately ready for individual treatment and disposal, this then leaves the vehicle in a near state of disposal completion.

The engine and gear box can now be remove, as well as the different components separated. Steel and alloy components are separated, plastics are removed and all hazardous material such as the clutc or brake linings and any remaining fluids are removed. The fuel tank and lines will be removed as well as the brake pipes leaving an empty shell ready to be crushed and melted down, in preparation to be sold and recycled into anything from a can of coke, to part of another car.

This process enables recycles in most cases of more than 90% of the vehicle which has a dramatic effect on what would have been very detrimental to the environment, ensuring your scrap vehicle is disposed of by a ATF, it is of the highest importance to ensure as little damage as possible is caused to our environment. So bare this in mind when you compare scrap car prices and how we protect the environment, just give us a call on 01279 798 440.

Scrap Car Disposal, the Environmentally Friendly Way (2)!

Welcome to the second part of Scrap Car Disposal, the Environmentally Friendly Way!

When you scrap your car for cash with Sell or Scrap My Car Today it is  decommissioned by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). This is to ensure the vehicle is correctly and safely de-polluted and recycled to the strict ELV directive which was implemented in 2004. When your vehicle arrives at an ATF centre it will firstly be examined to access the de-pollution procedure and then see what type of treatment will be required for your scrap car as every vehicle is different,  because it may have Air Conditioning or a special hydraulic suspension system.

Once the vehicle has been fully accessed then the de-pollution of the vehicle can be commenced, initially removing the battery and then storing it in an appropriate container ready for a special process that recycles and re-uses most of the battery, after this all the upholstery will be removed and they aim to recycle as much as possible with any contaminated fabrics being finally destroyed.

After the interior has been stripped out leaving the steel seat frames and exposing the loom the frames can then be removed and placed into the steel section, then most of the loom is removed and placed into the copper section, then the glass, bumpers and rubber trims will then be extracted and separated leaving a bare shell with only the engine/gearbox and suspension remaining.

The next process will be the point where the fluids will be removed from the vehicle along with the engine and gear box, this will be explained in the final step, coming soon!

If you want your car scrapped safely, professionally and environmentally, just give us a call on: Tel: 01279 798 440.


Scrap Car Disposal, the Environmentally Friendly Way!

When your car is beyond repair, the question many people ask is “what do I do with it?”  Whilst most people seek out how to dispose of their car in a safe and environmentally way, the actions of others has meant car disposal has posed a real problem. Over the next few weeks I will be taking you through a step by step guide of how to disposal of a vehicle the environmentally friendly way.  After all we are a family run business with children and we all need to do our bit to save the Environment.

Please feel free to call or fill in our on-line form for a free valuation on your car.

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"At Sell or Scrap My Car Today we always carry out an on-site inspection of the vehicle before we confirm our offer price to buy your used vehicle. If we decide that it's value has been affected by any aspect of its condition or history, including any unusual feature or customisation that's been made to the vehicle, which we were not informed about we reserve the right to modify the valuation offered to you! Rest assured that any car or vehicle scrapped will be done with full environmental considerations. We are happy to collect your vehicle from Harlow, Chelmsford, London or Cambridge."

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